Niara- Meeting Minutes 09/01/15-10/6/15

During our first meeting, we discussed our individual roles and goals for GripFab. We also scheduled to meet regularly every Tuesday at 12pm. We made a collaborative decision to have a google folder with all our documents that relate to GripFab and CREU. Our mentor shared with us some interviews that had suggestions for grips from former research participants. We looked over the interviews. There were several findings that helped put in perspective types of grips needed by users. We have potential candidates that we are going to interview such as a young child who would like a grip to use the whiteboard. After our advisor suggested making grips for crutches, we met with two candidates on September 29th, 2015. Long term effects of crutches were researched, the findings are being used to identify the optimal grip for users. Currently, we have some designs for crutches but we are preparing ourselves to meet with University of Maryland Medical Center clinicians to gain insight on the needs of the users. In addition, we are sending out surveys specifically for crutch users to provide us with more feedback.


Prototyping Crutch Grips!

Today we had two participants come into the lab to play with different craft supplies and come up with ideas for a future grip for a pair of crutches. Our advisor was recently meeting clinicians at UMD Medical who discussed having a grip made for crutches. A lot of their patients are on crutches long term and many end up having wrist problems as a result of the crutches. We are working on potential designs to relieve stress on the wrist while using crutches. In the future, we hope to include these designs in our grip fab application for all users to print and utilize.  Today, we met with two participants who have experience using crutches long term. They used supplies like play-dough, foam, and sketch paper to think of potential designs. 20150929_121759

Initial Organization of CREU project


Fall 2015 semester has begun and so has the research grant from CREU (Collaborative Research Experiences for Undergraduates).

Our first initial meeting took place this past week where we discussed the overall approach to this project.

What are our main goals for the semester/year?

How much is this going to be focused on development and user experience research?

Who is doing what and how are we maintaining accountability to the other group members?

This is all currently being discussed and organized.

We are also in the process of creating a personal contract to keep track of collaboration and progress. (See Picture) It also answers many of the ‘what if’s in terms of different situations or problems.