Communication Covenant

Communication Covenant

Samantha McDonald,  Braxton Dubin, Niara Comrie , ,  

Objective: The purpose of the communication covenant is to establish team roles, determine the best means of communication between members, and to define group expectations.

Group Meetings:

We will meet as a group every Monday of each week from 1pm-2pm in the PAD Lab. Google Hangout is an acceptable form of contact if a member has a reason they cannot physically come to the LAB. Additional meetings will be held as needed.

All meetings are mandatory unless there is a legitimate excuse as to their absence. If a member is running late, they must notify the rest of the group.

If a teammate fails to contribute to the group assignments he/she will be confronted in a group meeting.  Under extreme measures, the issue will be brought to the instructor if his/her contribution level does not improve.


Team members will be responsible for keeping track of their individual goals and progress. Each member must post a weekly update on the blog to track progress and keep other members up to date. If a member fails to update the blog, they may have a one week grace period to write their updated post.

If a teammate is not be able to make a deadline for a deliverable, they must notify the other group members and provide a new expected date of completion.

Information/ Sharing:

All information will be shared through Email, Google Docs, Google Keep,  GitHub, and WordPress.  Emails must be sent to all members unless they are in specific regard to a topic unrelated to the other member’s task.

Code of Conduct:

All group members will follow the standards of the CREU Grant. All members will actively participate and be given meaningful work which contributes to the total project. Members will treat one another with respect. Decisions will be made with the group’s best interest in mind.

Each team member is accountable to uphold the academic integrity of his or her contribution to the group.  The team member will be held responsible for any unoriginal work submitted on his/her/the group’s behalf.


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