Author: nickr138

Nick: Update 03/03/16

We just met with Karen, and was able to ask her some questions that we needed to continue with our work. For me specifically, she really liked the 50% infill Ninjaflex crutch tip, and would like a range of semiflex crutch tips to feel out and find the best one. She also made some good suggestions for altering the crutch grip, which we will implement over the next couple weeks.


Nick Update- 02/24/16

The Ninjaflex and Semiflex are both printing. We have crutch-tips in both Semiflex and Ninjaflex, in both 10% and 50% infill. These are important so that we can show the physical therapists what their options are in terms of printing crutch tips. Since we can now print in these materials, we need to work on designing STLs to fit on crutches.

Nick Update – 02/05/16

I am the newest member of the group, so I have only recently found my position. I am to be the technical specialist by taking care of all 3D printing needs and contributing ideas to the group.

Last week I worked on establishing my priorities. My most important job is getting the Ninjaflex and Semiflex filament printing. We are supposed to print grips various ways in both Ninjaflex and Semiflex filament, and I have worked on that this past week and will work on it this next week.