Author: bdubin1


This week we added additional sections to the Assets paper. We then edited and submitted the paper on Thursday.


Braxton 04/21/16

This week, we worked on the ASSETs paper. I worked on Class Two and Interview methods with Nick. We are going to continue writing more for the ASSETS paper.

Braxton 4/13/16


Today, Niara and I had a meeting with Stacy. She gave us constructive criticism for our ASSETS paper. Niara and I looked over the analysis for Class two together.


Braxton 4/08/16

This week we worked on 3d scanning and printing models for the PT students. Then I added code to the current Gripfab webpage after learning a bit more about PHP, JQuery and Javascript.


Update Braxton – 3/26/16

This week I submitted the last draft of the URCAD abstract. I reviewed it by myself and with a peer at the LRC writing center. I had two exams so the bulk of my time this week was dedicated to studying for them.


Braxton – 3/4/16

We met with Karen to acquire more specifications regarding crutch grips and tips. Also I started a more detailed wire frame for the Gripfab webpage.


Braxton — 2/26/16

This week I worked on developing an html wireframe for the new Gripfab website.