Niara : Updates 03/30/16 – 04/08/16

This was a very busy week for everyone. On Monday, we met to discuss our plans and everyone’s responsibilities for the UMD Class Session. During the week, I prepared a more extensive description of the case studies provided by Karen for my colleagues. In addition, I made a presentation for the students.  On Wednesday, I did a dry run TinkerCad presentation. I also researched some links for the students where they may google medical 3D models. On Thursday, 04/01, Nick and I presented. I presented a TinkerCad tutorial and Nick did a 3D scanning tutorial. We went through the presentation with the students and circled around to answer their questions. After the class , we submitted on our google drive our observations from the class. This week, we printed the models the students made and Sam will be going tomorrow to discuss the 3D prints with the students. During this week, I will go back to prioritizing myself with the crutch grips.

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