Month: April 2016

04/29/16 : Niara Updates

This week, we presented at URCAD. We had our regular  scheduled meetings and arranged for Friday to be our deadline to have the other portions of our ASSETS paper completed. Next week, the ASSETS paper will be due so we are going to plan to make final edits next week. In addition, we completed and submitted our CREU Final Report yesterday.


4/22 Update- Sam

This week we focused on completing our first full draft of the ASSETS paper. I spent over 15 hours writing this week and intend to keep writing for most of next week. Next week we will also be presenting our research at URCAD (undergraduate research and creative achievement day) during a poster presentation.

Niara : Updates 04/20/16

We are focusing mainly this week on writing the ASSETS paper.

I finished writing the methods-Class 2 section and I did some edits on the main ASSETS paper. I will continue to write sections of the ASSETS paper. We arranged, Braxton, myself and Sam are going to be in attendance to present for URCAD next week.



Niara Updates : 04/11-04/15

On Monday, we had a meeting where we discussed our upcoming roles for the end of the semester.

On Wednesday, Braxton and I had a meeting with one of former PAD Lab employers, Stacy, where she gave us helpful feedback and advice on our ASSETS paper. Braxton and I also reviewed our analysis together and saw some interesting findings from the students.

Thursday, we are scheduled to have a meeting to discuss the outline of our ASSETS paper and plan on writing for the ASSETS paper. In addition, we will look over Sam and Nick’s survey analysis.

On Friday, I will register for the TAPIA conference since April 15th is open for registration.

My plans for next week are to focus on the crutch grip and continue writing for the ASSETS paper.

Braxton 4/08/16

This week we worked on 3d scanning and printing models for the PT students. Then I added code to the current Gripfab webpage after learning a bit more about PHP, JQuery and Javascript.