Update: Sam 3/11

This week was focused on gathering information collected my Nick, Niara, and Braxton during their meeting with Karen. I reviewed the meeting recording, took notes on important info Karen mentioned, and comprised a to-do list of task to complete before the upcoming class.

During the class, we will be providing the students to different tools for 3D modeling. 3D modeling software, and a 3D scanner. In order to use a 3D scanner, students will model their AT using play-doh and then scan it into a digital file. Before the class, we wanted to buy enough play-doh for every student to use. However, play-doh is expensive and can be timely to buy and ship. So in order to save money and be more sustainable, I have created a large home made batch of play-doh for the students to use. The entire batch cost about $.50 instead of $30 for play-doh online.

I also updated the surveys for the students and spent a long time calibrating a 3D printer in order to produce taller prints.


Next week is spring break, and I will not have access to the internet. Therefore I will not be conducting research next week.


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