Month: March 2016

Sam Update 3/30

This week and the past week I completed a lot of small requirements.

– Finished Pre and Post Class Surveys

– Started the code for GripFab (

-Submitted abstract to IS Poster Competition

This week

-Teach students 3D modeling class

-Complete poster submission for IS Poster Competition

-Data Analysis on Surveys from Students

-Continue working on GripFab Software


I am very confident that we can have a running GripFab software by the end of the semester. However, because I will be in charge of writing the full paper to be submitted to ASSETS in May, I fear my availability to work on the code will start to slow down. This week I will try to make a finite schedule, similar to a Gnatt chart, to track exactly what needs to get done and when.


Update Braxton – 3/26/16

This week I submitted the last draft of the URCAD abstract. I reviewed it by myself and with a peer at the LRC writing center. I had two exams so the bulk of my time this week was dedicated to studying for them.

Niara : Updates : 03/21-03/25

This week was a very productive week. We have a lot of work these next upcoming weeks. Next week, we have our class with the Physical therapy students so we have been prepping for the class.

My responsibilities this week are :

– create 15 min presentation on TinkerCAD

– simplify case studies

 – update one of the grips

Update: Sam 3/11

This week was focused on gathering information collected my Nick, Niara, and Braxton during their meeting with Karen. I reviewed the meeting recording, took notes on important info Karen mentioned, and comprised a to-do list of task to complete before the upcoming class.

During the class, we will be providing the students to different tools for 3D modeling. 3D modeling software, and a 3D scanner. In order to use a 3D scanner, students will model their AT using play-doh and then scan it into a digital file. Before the class, we wanted to buy enough play-doh for every student to use. However, play-doh is expensive and can be timely to buy and ship. So in order to save money and be more sustainable, I have created a large home made batch of play-doh for the students to use. The entire batch cost about $.50 instead of $30 for play-doh online.

I also updated the surveys for the students and spent a long time calibrating a 3D printer in order to produce taller prints.


Next week is spring break, and I will not have access to the internet. Therefore I will not be conducting research next week.

Niara Updates -3/10/16

We had our regular meetings Monday and Wednesday. This week, I have been working on the grips. After meeting with Karen, there were a lot of adjustments that she wanted on the grips. I have been using Tinkercad and Meshmixer to make those adjustments to the grips. In addition, I have given Sam feedback on the pre class survey for Class 2. I also helped Braxton with his URCAD submission. Tomorrow evening, I will print some of the grips that I augmented/adjusted earlier this week. I also took a look at the lab cases that Karen sent us.

Niara : 3/03/16

This week, we met with Karen to discuss our plans with the class in March and we got feedback for the crutch grip/tips. Now that we have more information on the agenda for the class, we can develop a schedule accordingly. This Wednesday, we had a group meeting. During the group meeting, we discussed our end goal for GripFab and our plans for the rest of the week.