Sam – Update

This week was the first full week of school and the GripFab team was able to meet three times to discuss goals for the semester. The creation of grips and GripFab will follow a development cycle loosely based on a basic SDLC model. Grips will be created through an iterative prototyping process to gain constant feedback from PTs. That way we know our products are 100% what the user wanted. GripFab will focus more on design and requirements. An approved design going through multiple versions and testing periods is desired for the best results. To do this, we will be creating a list of requirements and additional features for GripFab and then create wireframes to demonstrate potential designs for the product.

To keep on track with our goals, each member declares and activity and a deadline for the upcoming week.

Next week, Niara and our additional teammate Nick will be completing the first round of crutch tip prototypes. These prototypes will be given to the PTs to test and provide feedback for future production.

I will be writing the next draft of our pervasive health paper, destining a wire frame for GripFab, and doing survey analysis on the student surveys we had in class. So far we have seen some significant stats. An example of the pre and post class survey question comparison can be seen below. We are still awaiting an additional 10 more responses to have complete STATS, but this demonstrates what we have seen in terms of educational progress.



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