CREU Group Goals

We had a meeting today and Sam created a list so that we can be more efficient as the semester comes along.

By Next Week:
– getting ninjaflex working (Nick)
– Have atleast 5 prototypes of crutch grips (Nick and Niara)
– URCAD  (Braxton)
– Talk about ideas for class (all)
– Karen reminder of survey completion (Sam)
– List of potential findings and topics for ASSETS (Sam)
– Wireframe (Braxton and Sam) 

3D Printing Grip To-Dos:

 Create more design options

 Print out grips the physical therapist already like

 Print in different material and infill to see what OTs prefer (semi-flex, Ninja-flex)

 Making Ninja Flex Work

 Crutch Tips

 Crutch Grips

Priority #1: Crutch Tips and Grips


 Make Wireframe prototypes

 Test prototypes with users

 Create final design

 Wizard of OZ mini study

Priority #1: Getting Requirements Finalized

The Class:

 Need a schedule

 Lesson plan

 Pre class survey

 Post class survey

 Which printers to bring

 Which people to bring

 Keep Karen updated

 IRB Forms printed and given out during class

Priority #1: Pre-Class Survey


 1 ❤ PT

 STAT Analysis of Survey Data

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