Month: February 2016

Niara : Meeting Minutes 02/29/16

Goals for this week : I will be 3D printing the other crutch grip and making another prototype of the KarenGrip.

Provided that we meet with Karen this week, we will work on the plan for the class in March.

Last Week : After modifying the KarenGrip, I 3D printed the KarenGrip on Friday. Below are pictures of the grip on the crutch.



Braxton — 2/26/16

This week I worked on developing an html wireframe for the new Gripfab website.

02/26/16 Updates : Niara

Unfortunately, I was not able to be as pro-active in GripFab this week due to an emergency. I was able to work on modifying the Grips and plan on printing Grips today. Nick has shared the KarenGrip with me which I modified last night on TinkerCad. We are hoping to have a meeting with Karen next week since time conflicts prevented us from meeting with her this week. Since we haven’t met with Karen, we can’t really determine what we are doing for the class but we have an outline for an agenda which we will finalize once we meet with her.

We have prototypes for the crutch tips and grips so I will discuss with Nick the next steps. I think we should start making the suggested grips the occupational therapists wanted for their students.


Nick Update- 02/24/16

The Ninjaflex and Semiflex are both printing. We have crutch-tips in both Semiflex and Ninjaflex, in both 10% and 50% infill. These are important so that we can show the physical therapists what their options are in terms of printing crutch tips. Since we can now print in these materials, we need to work on designing STLs to fit on crutches.

Sam- Update

This week I will be focusing on writing a paper on 3D printing for LIMIT’s, a conference about limitations in computing. Our group will hopefully be meeting with clinicians at the end of the week. An extensive list interview questions have been documented in order to gain as much information as possible about how the next class will run and how we will prepare for the class.

After Braxton and I create our decision flow chart for users, we got started on producing a basic home page for GripFab. This will allow Braxton to get use to GitHub and moving files to a website while I refresh my html/css skills. We will most likely be using Bootstrap to make the design easier to create and code. An example website I made this week is also shown below.



Niara : Meeting 02/22/16

Overview : Discussed Goals for this week.

Nick & Niara- 3D printing the grips for PT.

Braxton – Making a GripFab Homepage.

Sam – Writing a paper for a conference on 3D printing.

This week, we will be meeting with Karen, from UMD, to discuss the upcoming class we are lecturing in March.





Update- Sam

20160215_203751Nick successfully printed crutch tip examples in both NinjaFlex and SemiFlex.

This week, I have continued building our new 3D printer and making a list of questions for the pre-survey. This included a group discussion on what should be done during our second class time and what needs to be accomplished beforehand to gain enough data for our paper.

I will be in Colorado Thursday and Friday for college tours, and will not be working those days.