Sam Update:

We have officially scheduled dates for our instructional classes with the physical therapy students.

January 22nd: Niara and I will present a lecture on the use of 3D printing in medicine and how they can incorporate 3D printing into their own future practice. This will be an instructional class to get the students excited about 3D printing.

March 31nd: Physical therapy students will be separated into groups in order to work on case studies for potential users with hand mobility impairments. It will be their job to come up with a design and model for the grip. We are also hoping to present Grip Fab in order to test its usability for the students to use. After the grips are design, Niara and I will print them all at our lab and return them at the next meeting

April 5th:  The students will be given their finalized grips 3D printed. We hope this wrap up will help them see the potential of 3D printing.

Throughout next semester we will be doing significant upgrades to Grip Fab. Much of my focus will be on the software while Niara continues grip designs and customization.

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