Meeting with UMD School of Medicine Clinitians

We had our first meeting with the Clinicians at UMD school of medicine this past week and have a solid set of task and goals for the coming months of our project.

To educate the department on 3D printing, we will be attending three physical therapy classes throughout the month of January to present a short curriculum on 3D printing technology. In the first class we will be lecturing to over 60 physical therapy students about the uses of 3D printing technology in medicine. In a second class, the professors will provide case studies for the students to evaluate in order to discuss produce potential 3D printed solutions. Each group of students will make a model out of playdough and other materials to create their prototype. Those objects will be brought back to our lab for 3D printing. In our third class we will be presenting the students with their 3D printed models. We hope this entire curriculum will motivate the students to utilize 3D printing in their medical practices.  

As a side project we are also printing spare parts for the occupational therapist to use immediately in their current practice. The clinicians have requested a set of crutch tips to replace the missing and broken ones on their current set of crutches for their patients. This will empower clinicians to continue replacing parts with 3D printed replacements whenever they need them. 

In terms of printing we have a lot to accomplish:

  • 20 basic crutch tips (some plastic some ninja flex to test both materials)
  • Model of potential grip a clinician designed during our meeting
  • More test models

We also have to

  • Submit our TAPIA poster
  • Create a small presentation/curriculum to educate the physical therapy students.

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