Niara:Meeting Minutes (11/10/15) : Our visit to University of Maryland Physical Therapy meeting

Today, Sam and I met with the physical therapists, Karen Gordes and Dr. McCombe Waller. It was a very productive weekend.

They explained that they would like us

  • to interface with the students.
  • to teach students how could you use 3D printing and how to customize grips for crutches.
  • teach students different ways they could think of using 3D printing.
  •  would like to see a team evolve where we are working with the students to help them develop designs.

They mentioned there is a 3D printer in the University of Maryland Library for our use. We suggested that we could bring some people from our lab and printers for the students to use for the duration of our visits.

Their goal is for the students to understand collaborations. We are scheduled to hold several sessions with the physical therapy students (65 students).

First, we are holding a lecture called “Interprofessional Technology Development” which will be an introduction to 3D printing and how it relates and is incorporated with medicine (focusing specifically on assistive devices). Also, we will bring some examples of 3D printed objects(handle modifications) made with different materials for the student’s viewing.

Then, we will have a follow-up session where we will help them develop the designs for their assigned cases to ensure the designs are ready to print by the end of the second session.

The third session is solely for printing the designs the physical therapy students created during the second session.

We have tentative dates for the sessions.

  1. An introductory lecture on what 3D modeling is and how it can be utilized by physical therapists.
  2. Scheduled for 1/22 from 2:00 – 4:00pm (Allied Health Building, Room 219)
  3. Snow back-up date:  1/29 from 2:00 -4:00pm
  4. A lab that incorporates 6 patient cases where 3D technology can be used to modify assistive devices.  Students will be introduced to design ideas, how to design and information on 3D printing of their design ideas.
  5. Scheduling options: 3/23 from 2:00 – 5:00pm (Allied Health Building, Room 146/152), or 3/31 from 2:00-5:00pm(Allied Health Building, Room 146/152)
  6. A lab where the completed 3D items are brought back for student review and discussion.
  7. Scheduling options: 4/4 from 3:00 – 5:00pm, or 4/5  from11:00 – 1:00 (Allied Health Building, Room 146/152) [4/5 is preferred date, can alter time on this date]

We received feedback from some of our prototype grips. They liked two of our grips. There was a request for a 3D print of the clear cylindrical grip that is slightly wider from the original using the ninjaflex filament.

In addition, they would like 20 crutch tips, rocker bottom and a grip with a flair at one end. Dr. McCombe Waller designed the grip w/ a flair end with play-doh. We plan on using memento to create a 3D model.

For this week, our main focus is completing the conference for TAPIA and then we will begin 3D printing our requests.

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