Sam-Weekly Update

This past week was very productive in terms of generating new grip prototypes. After finally getting our printers to work properly, we were able to design and print to new grips to test with the clinicians. These prototypes are meant to be nothing more than creativity boosters and examples for the clinicians to use when thinking about designing their own grips. With the printers now regularly working, we should be increasing are productivity time in producing grip design and prototypes.

Last week I also started to learn how to use Memento, a new software by autodesk which allows 3D models to be creative with a set of images. Do a few test trials, I have found the software to be very useful as any of our 3D scanners. It does a good job capturing an image and converting it into a 3Dmodel while still maintaining much of it’s physical details.  Here is an example of a 3D model of The Voyager Spaceship model in our lab. With only 10 or so photos it was able to capture the model and all it’s details with 70% accuracy. It has some holes, but will hopefully be improved with better quality photos and an increased quantity of photos.


These past few months, are main conflict has been getting the 3D printers to print without issues. This has slowed us down quite a bit, especially when having to start and re-start printing of grips. The average grip takes 2-3 hours to print. If the printer decides to stop working halfway through, then the process must be done all over again. This is something that we should not only take into account for our own scheduling, but also for clinicians which may potentially have the same problems in the future when 3D printing with our software. We will investigate this further in the future.

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