Niara-Meeting Minutes 10/13/15

Today, we discussed what our goals are for this week and next week. We have been working on printing prototype grips to present to University of Maryland Medical Center physical therapists.

I have been looking into whether Bike grips would assist in developing some more prototypes. Given that you apply pressure to your wrist when you ride your bike, I figured maybe it could be helpful to look into grips used for bikes.

Today, I was trying to print some of the grips on the Printrbots. Unfortunately, I was running into some issues. The print wasn’t sticking to the build plate. On the second attempt, the filament got caught in the printer. I decided to use the Ultimaker to print the grips. I also worked on an outline for our midyear progress report. Later this week, I plan on scanning the playdoh mold into a 3D model that Sam made this weekend and print it.

Below are pictures of the mold of one of the grips that will be printed later this week and the other is an alternative attachment for the crutch.

gripdab gripdabq

dad dsIMG_1112

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